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Introducing Catalyst AI, a customizable AI assistant that integrates seamlessly into your Slack environment. Invite the assistant into your team Slack channels and configure its settings based on your teams needs and goals.

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Effortlessly Empower Entire Teams

In the GIF below, we create a channel to enable a MSSP sales team in seconds.

Setup CaiBot in each channel to perform a different task, enabling different teams.

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Surpass ChatGPT Accuracy

Below, we convert a PDF into a knowledgebase that CaiBot references, yielding more accurate answers than ChatGPT.

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Experience Our Platform in Action

Empower Your Business with AI

Modern business challenges demand innovative solutions powered by our AI-driven Slack bot

🀝 Collaborative Adoption

Teams unite to learn and adopt our cutting-edge AI technology, enhancing cohesion and driving shared success.

✍️ Ideation and Content Creation

Our AI bot fuels creativity, streamlining content generation and inspiring fresh ideas to elevate your business strategies.

πŸ’‘ Untapped Potential

Without AI assistance, your team might miss opportunities to innovate and optimize. Our bot unlocks new possibilities, propelling your business to new heights.

Supercharge any Slack Channel in Minutes

β€œPutting ChatGPT inside Slack adds another layer of leverage where conversations happen faster, threads get explained faster and work just gets done more efficiently.”

Zack Kass
Head of GTM, OpenAI

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Maximize the Potential of Your Business

No matter your industryβ€”IT, Finance, Marketing, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Cybersecurity, or Educationβ€”or your teamsβ€”HR, Legal, Project Managers, Sales, Coders, Content Writers, or Educators-our Generative AI Slack Integration will streamline processes and amplify your team's abilities.

Successful Startups

Collaborative Growth

Introducing AI into business chat unites power users and novices, fostering a dynamic environment where shared learning elevates the entire teams abilities.


AI Amplified Creativity

AI in Slack acts as a powerful creative tool that can help users overcome the blank page problem, enabling them to generate new ideas and unlock their true potential in various professional fields.


Early Adoption is Key

The gains in certain tasks are measured in factors (2x-4x) rather than margins (2%-4%). By acting swiftly, organizations can stay ahead of their rivals and secure an unassailable market position.

Professional Productivity Power-Up

New MIT Research Shows Spectacular Increase In White Collar Productivity

AI-Powered Chat Boosts Productivity and Quality

MITs recent study showcases the remarkable impact of AI-Powered Chat on mid-level professional writing tasks. With 444 professionals completing writing tasks, half using AI-Powered Chat, the results revealed a 37% reduction in time spent and a 45% improvement in output quality.

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Closing Productivity Gaps with AI-Powered Support

AI-Powered Business Chat benefits workers across skill levels, particularly those at the lower end, by narrowing the productivity gap. Instead of replacing humans, AI-Powered Business Chat supports them in idea generation and editing, leading to higher job satisfaction and confidence. The study also highlights AI-Powered Business Chats potential to enhance productivity in various fields such as marketing and grant writing by automating routine aspects of writing tasks.

Enhancing Skills for All Levels

AI-Chat helps both "bad writers" improve and "good writers" work faster, with users expressing willingness to pay a monthly fee equivalent to 0.5% of their salary for access to the tool.

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Case Study: Revolutionizing Professional Training with AI - The CaiBot Journey

Explore how CaiBot, a ground-breaking AI solution from Catalyst AI, has transformed professional training for the cutting-edge cybersecurity platform, Cortex XSIAM.

The Innovation

Catalyst AI's innovative solution, CaiBot, has radically redefined digital learning. The game-changing AI technology can turn a PDF into a vector knowledgebase, dramatically improving the bot's responses and facilitating a top-notch interactive experience.

The Company

The Results

CaiBot has demonstrated remarkable results in training settings for Cortex XSIAM, garnering high praise for its ease of use, relevance of responses, and its pivotal role in facilitating professional development. With its user-centric design, the solution has successfully brought a wave of transformation within the Slack workspace.

πŸš€ Discover the Benefits of Catalyst AI Across Job Roles

Unlock productivity and enhance communication with Catalyst AI! πŸ’―

Why choose Catalyst AI?

  • πŸ“ Writing Assistance for all positions: Improve writing quality, simplify text, and save time on documents, emails, and more.
  • πŸ“Š Business Analysts, IT Professionals: Get quick, accurate solutions for coding Excel VBA scripts and optimizing spreadsheets.
  • 🐀 Rubber Ducking for Programmers, Designers: Refine and debug code with an interactive tool that helps you think through problems.
  • 🌐 Language Translation for Multilingual Teams: Break language barriers and enhance global collaboration with real-time translations.
  • ✍️ Content Generation for Digital Marketers: Accelerate content production, optimize SEO, and create compelling social media content.
  • πŸ—£οΈ Email & Communication Guidance for All: Craft clear and polite messages, ensuring successful communication and avoiding misunderstandings.


Powerful Solutions for Every Stage of Your Startup Journey

Free Plan

Easy to get started for those who are unsure where to begin

  • πŸ“© 25 messages every 3 hours
  • 🚫 No PDF Knowledgebase
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Premium Plan

Unlimited Messages. Custom PDF Knowledgebase.

  • πŸ“© Unlimited Messages
  • πŸ“„ Custom PDF Knowledgebase

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some common questions for you.

How does the Slack/OpenAI integration work?

Our customizable AI assistant seamlessly connects to your Slack workspace, enabling your teams to access AIs powerful capabilities directly within channels, boosting productivity and saving time.

What are the benefits of integrating your Slack workspace with our tool?

Experience improved collaboration, communication, content generation, task assistance, and optimized problem-solving – all within the familiar Slack interface.

How does the System Message work?

The system message allows you to customize the output for that channel. You can define certain things, such as who the bot is (@CaiBot), the setting or environment (you are in a Slack channel), who the current audience is (marketing team), how the bot should be responding (always ask follow-up questions), etc.

How does the Knowledgebase feature work?

Premium subscribers gain access to the /upload_pdf command. This command allows a channel moderator or bot administrator to send a PDF file to the bot, which the bot will turn into a vector database and begin enhancing user queries with information from that PDF file. This has a tremendous impact on the ability to fine-tune the responses.

Who benefits most from this sort of integration?

Marketing, sales, customer support, software development, project management, and more benefit from this integration – any team that values efficient communication and collaboration.

How can I set up the Slack/OpenAI integration for my team?

Setting up the integration is easy – install the bot to your workspace with one click, then invite our bot to a channel, set the system message, and watch your teams collaborate to find innovative uses for this powerful tool within your Slack workspace.

What are the costs associated with the Slack/OpenAI integration?

With Catalyst AI, you are not only injecting AI into your workflows, but also investing in a Chief AI Officer. As the field of Generative AI grows and evolves, you can count on us to continuously deliver the best features such as the knowledgebase feature.

How secure is the data shared between Slack and OpenAI?

We adhere to strict data privacy standards, encrypting and protecting all shared information. Only messages mentioning our bot are transmitted to OpenAI.

Can I customize the integration to suit my team'specific needs within Slack?

Absolutely! The integration can be tailored to fit your team requirements, providing customized responses for your unique use cases.

What level of support is available for this in case of issues or questions?

We provide comprehensive support for our products and access to our responsive support team, ensuring a smooth experience for your organization.

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