🤖 Case Study: CaiBot, A Catalyst AI Solution

Revolutionizing Digital Learning at Palo Alto Networks.


Palo Alto Networks, a global cybersecurity leader, unveiled a groundbreaking new approach to partner training with the deployment of CaiBot, a sophisticated AI-driven assistant developed by Catalyst AI. This high-tech solution was leveraged to answer questions on the capabilities of Cortex XSIAM, a cutting-edge platform released in 2022 and outside the 2021 OpenAI training set.


Palo Alto Networks, through its strategic partners, routinely conducts training sessions to ensure up-to-date knowledge of its solutions. However, standard training methods had been met with mixed responses, with some learners struggling to engage with the material effectively. Moreover, how can we use AI to answer questions on a product released in 2022?


Catalyst AI brought a game-changing solution to the table: CaiBot. A unique AI assistant, CaiBot was introduced to ingest a PDF version of the XSIAM Admin Guide and convert it into a responsive knowledge base. CaiBot was then able to interpret and provide insightful responses based on this vast reservoir of knowledge. Throughout the training the knowledgebase feature was tested. It eventually grew to over 4,000 pages of XSIAM-related content, further enhancing the bot's responses as time went on.

Implementation and Results

During the pilot project, CaiBot was exposed to a diverse group of 21 learners, both in-person and remote. According to a post-training survey, the learners found CaiBot to be an intuitive and essential resource. The survey revealed:

  • Relevancy of responses was rated between 7 and 9, showing that CaiBot was able to provide pertinent information.
  • 40% of users anticipate using CaiBot hourly in their work, while 60% would use it once or twice a day.
  • 80% of users rated the ease of use for CaiBot between 8 and 10, indicating a high level of user-friendliness.
  • 80% of users confirmed that CaiBot was able to answer all their questions effectively.
  • All users found CaiBot's responses easy to understand, showcasing the bot's ability to communicate clearly.
  • All users found CaiBot's use of the knowledgebase helpful, demonstrating its effectiveness in utilizing existing information.
  • All users saw CaiBot as a valuable resource in their daily roles, emphasizing its practical use in the workplace.
  • All users expressed satisfaction with CaiBot, with 80% of the users rating it 8 or higher.
  • All users would recommend CaiBot to colleagues, citing speed, effectiveness, and ability to enhance learning as compelling reasons.


CaiBot, an innovative AI solution developed by Catalyst AI, has demonstrated transformative potential in enhancing the training experience at Palo Alto Networks. Its successful pilot project showcases a promising future in which AI can effectively complement traditional learning methods, providing users with immediate access to a vast knowledge base. With its intuitive interface and customizability within Slack, CaiBot stands as a testament to the versatility and endless potential of AI in workplace learning.