CaiBot Slash Commands Explained

Here's how to best interact with CaiBot on Slack. 🚀

Commands for both Bot Administrators and Channel Moderators:

  • /display_system_message: Show both the Main and Channel System Messages for a specific channel.
  • /set_system_message: Set the Channel System Message for a specific channel.
  • /list_channel_moderators: List all the moderators of a specific channel.
  • /channel_help: Show the help message for a specific channel.
  • /set_channel_help: Set the help message for a specific channel.

Followup Questions:

Want CaiBot to be more interactive? Activate the /followup_questions command. Once enabled, every CaiBot response in that channel will be complemented with three relevant follow-up questions, encouraging deeper interactions.

Commands exclusive to Bot Administrators:

  • /add_channel_moderator: Add a new moderator to a specific channel.
  • /remove_channel_moderator: Remove a moderator from a specific channel.
  • /add_bot_admin: Add a new bot administrator.
  • /remove_bot_admin: Remove a bot administrator.
  • /list_bot_admins: List all the bot administrators.

Premium Commands:

  • /upload_pdf: Upload a PDF to be used as a knowledge base for a specific channel.

Additional Slash Commands:

  • /invite @CaiBot: Invite CaiBot to a specific channel.

Understanding System Messages:

System messages guide CaiBot's behavior and interactions. These are designed to ensure that CaiBot operates optimally and with context in different channels.

Main System Message:

The Main System Message is a pre-configured set of instructions for CaiBot, ensuring it performs optimally across your business settings. This means less manual work for you, as CaiBot is ready to understand its environment and role:

  • Automatically recognizes its display name even if changed.
  • Understands it's in a Slack environment and expects @mentions.
  • Adapts responses based on broad heuristics to offer enhanced answers.
  • Recognizes appended knowledge from PDFs to provide accurate context-specific answers.

Channel System Message:

For more specific needs of individual channels, CaiBot offers the Channel System Message. Here, you can customize CaiBot's behavior further, tailoring it to each Slack channel's unique needs.

Understand Knowledge Bases:

Knowledge Bases are a rich source of information that CaiBot uses to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses. With the /upload_pdf command, you can upload a PDF to serve as a knowledge base for a specific channel.

Once uploaded, CaiBot extracts the contents of the PDF and ingests it into a vector database. It semantically searches this database when responding to user queries, allowing it to provide detailed responses based on the knowledge base. This is especially useful for specialized channels where the AI might need specific information to respond appropriately.

Note that the /upload_pdf command is a premium feature. It's important to ensure that the PDFs uploaded do not contain any personal or corporate confidential information, as CaiBot will use this information to respond to user queries in the respective channel.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues while using these commands, please visit our Support Page.